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The POS & payments solution built for festivals & events

Keep queues moving and orders flowing with payment processing 40% faster than the industry standard.
Fast processing
Cut queues with 3.9-second transaction speeds. Offer express order options.
24-hour onboarding
Get traders set up quickly with dedicated onsite support.
All traders in one place
One login to manage all traders and see all transactions.

Everything you need to run a successful festival or event

From fast ordering and queue-busting solutions, to consolidated trader management; NOQ was designed to help festivals and events run smoothly from start to finish.

Multi-trader management

View all traders’ takings in one login. Edit menus, check recipes and allergen information and adjust pricing to ensure consistency. Manage access permissions, tackle theft, and monitor terminal usage. Split payments at source and never chase commission payments again.

Queue-busting with NOQ Express

Give guests access to quick-service menus from select traders via their phones. Drive sales with our onsite NOQ reps. And enjoy instant settlement into your account.

Better hardware management

Only pay for hardware when you need it with flexible, ad-hoc leasing options. Assign terminals to traders at the touch of a button. Use the same terminals for both online and offline payments. Support multiple refunds. Monitor trader activity in real time.

Tiered guest experiences

Assign pre-paid menu items, discounts or F&B packages to guests according to their ticket tier, activated by an email login to your web portal.

Instant insights

Get real-time visibility into the performance of your traders, right down to the last activity per terminal via our Insights App.

Training and support

Get traders up and running with everything from menu management to banking in 24 hours. We’re always on-site during set-up and at the end of a phone if you need anything.

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