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Business Types

NOQ’s hospitality-centric solution is built to service every vertical in the space. Through our events and hospitality driven features, we can support any business, from outdoor festivals to food markets; from restaurants to nightclubs.

What Is Your Business?

Outdoor Festivals

These events are usually filled with multiple traders, many ticketed attendees and a hustle and bustle for food & drinks. Having helped various festivals over the years, NOQ truly streamlines catering operations.

Food Halls

It is often the case in food halls, for a single POS system to be used. Why? Because it is important to know what is being sold, to who and how. But then there is a finance department that is invoicing every week, every month, and chasing for payments. Let’s put an end to this and split payments at source.

Food Markets

Street food is growing rapidly in the UK. In this food scene, there are constant new pop ups, quick vendor turnover, and many involved parties from venue owners, to contract caterers, and therefore a flexible solution is needed. Easily bring in new vendors and set them up on revenue share models.

Stadiums & Arenas

Owning large sites or multiple sites is hard. Catering management teams are brought in to help, but the site owners often lack the visibility. With our platform, collecting fees from vendors is made simple. Stay on top of your numbers and reduce risk on credit facilities.

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