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On-Site Delivery

How you choose to deliver your food has now become very versatile. What used to be just takeaways and home delivery has now expanded further to delivery on-site to seats, tables, VIP areas and much more
Problems Faced When Offering On-Site Delivery
It can be complex to identify multiple distinct delivery locations for both customers and staff, and ensuring a smooth ordering flow is heavily dependent on this
Marking different locations clearly, without disturbing the decor and ambience can be challenging, but it is essential in order to offer this service
When offering such a bespoke service such as delivery to seat in a stadium, or to a VIP area in an event, there are often staff costs associated, and it is in your best interest to charge the customers for the convenience
Home Delivery

How It Works

QR Codes & Links

We provide you with bespoke QR codes, which redirect customers to your own-branded online store. You can place these codes on your tables, seats, tents, and customers can access your menu by simply scanning the code

Customer Journey

You can customise your menu however you wish. Everything that is displayed on the customer app can be configured by you on our easy to use backend. Customers can simply add items to cart, pay, and have the items delivered to them, so they don’t have to worry about queueing

Vendor App Management

When customers place orders, you will receive notifications on your end. You can manage the vendor app on any iOS or Android mobile or tablet device. Information on the customer’s location will be clearly shown, so you can simply focus on preparing the food and delivering it, ensuring the guest experience is maximised

Enhance Your Customers’ Experience With NOQ

We provide an end-to-end system that tackles every issue. Your own branded customer web app can be made available to customers so they can then place their orders. This information is fed into your NOQ vendor app, which allows you to easily manage all orders

Automated System

No additional front of house management is required. Orders are processed on customers’ mobile phones, and depending on the items they select, they are printed at the kitchen or bar automatically

Order Fulfilment

The customer’s name, mobile number and location are clearly printed on the receipt. When the food is given to the customer, their QR code is scanned to ensure it has been delivered to the correct customer. If the customer is not there, you can send an alert, providing them a timeframe after which they must pick up the order from the vendor station

Delivery Fees

You can set up delivery fees depending on the customer’s location. Tips and service charges can also be pre-set or made optional. We provide multiple ways to ensure costs are covered at purchase

On-Site Delivery Features

✓ Pre-order or order now

✓ Reorder button

✓ Filter by dietary preferences

✓ Email receipts

✓ Google & Apple pay

✓ Credit & debit card

✓ In-app notifications

✓ In-app promotions

✓ Suggested pairings

✓ Tipping

✓ Customer location input

✓ Pre-set locations

✓ Minimum order value

✓ On-site delivery fee

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