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23 / 05 / 2024

Charlton Athletic Football Club Announces Data And E-Commerce Partnership With NOQ Group

Charlton Athletic are proud to announce a transformative partnership with NOQ Group, a leading provider of innovative data management, e-commerce and retail solutions.

This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organisations as they aim to streamline operations and enhance the club experience.

Charlton Managing Director James Rodwell said: “At Charlton Athletic, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of data management and usage in football. Our collaboration with NOQ Group will enable us to leverage cutting-edge technology to better understand our fans’ needs and preferences, ultimately enhancing their overall experience with the club.”

Param Kanabar, CEO of NOQ Group, commented: “We’re excited to partner with Charlton Athletic and support their vision for innovation and excellence. Together, we will leverage our expertise in e-commerce and data management to deliver experiences that will improve the operational efficiency and drive revenue of the club.”

The partnership between Charlton Athletic and NOQ Group is ready to bring a host of benefits, including:

  • A streamlined e-commerce solution enhancing fans’ shopping experiences
  • Upgraded in-person retail solutions resulting in quicker checkouts in-store and boosting footfall
  • Data-driven marketing strategies, ensuring tailored offers and rewards to enhance fan retention, engagement and loyalty

The alignment of values between the club and NOQ Group underscores their shared commitment to forward-thinking strategies and excellence. By harnessing the power of data, both organisations are dedicated to driving positive change and delivering unparalleled value to their stakeholders.

“We’re excited about the possibilities that this data partnership presents for our e-commerce and retail operation,” added Rodwell. “Together with NOQ Group, we’re confident that we can elevate the Charlton Athletic club experience to new heights and build a stronger, more connected community of supporters.”

The announcement of this data partnership marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Charlton Athletic and NOQ Group, as they work together to unlock the full potential of data-driven insights and innovations.

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