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09 / 12 / 2020

5 Christmas Activities in 2020

It’s been a strange year, there’s no question about it. As we approach Christmas, what is the UK to do? How are we going to have any fun?

Well, before you feel down, call off Christmas this year and do nothing, consider some of the announcements made by the UK government to help people celebrate and feel the Christmas spirit!

1. The Christmas Bubbles

England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have agreed to develop a common approach that allows up to three households to create a Christmas bubble and meet from 23-27th December. 

During that time, people are allowed to mix in places of worship, outdoors, and travel restrictions will be less stringent.

However, the Christmas bubble will have to be exclusive, meaning you cannot swap people between each bubble. The members will also not be allowed to visit pubs or restaurants together.

2. Watch A Pantomime from Your Car

The days of blockbusters in theatres are gone but not forgotten. We will get there. But in the meantime, England reopened theatres on December 2, and plans are in place for some Christmas pantomimes. Many venues and productions will proceed with their socially distanced shows. 

One of the shows that will go on is at the London Palladium and The Car Park Panto show will tour Great Britain as a drive-in show where the attendants can watch from inside their cars.

3. Online Christmas Gatherings

Online platforms are the only way for large celebrations to happen this year. Rules about big group meetings in pubs or outdoors will ease later but, seeing friends will probably not be allowed. So, be prepared to enjoy the celebration from home.

Make it special by playing games and taking full advantage of the ease of connecting with as many friends and family members as you want!

4. Christmas Light Sightseeing

Outdoor gatherings may have been minimised, but Christmas lights are still up! Make sure you don’t miss these, whether you go on a walk with your closest family or on a drive with kids.

It may be a different way of enjoying the wonders of Christmas lighting, but it’s a beautiful sight nonetheless. The country is covered in beautiful light decorations that brighten everyone’s mood and bring the Christmas spirit to life, regardless of the current guidelines. 

5. Online Shopping

In-person shopping can still occur in all of the UK, but there will be a surge in demand for online shopping this year.

In September, people were warned to buy as early as possible before demand spikes. The expectation was that the demand for online shopping would increase by 30%, but if stores are all closed, the demand could reach 50%.

Instead of waiting in unending queues, take full advantage of buying your presents at the click of button and sending them straight to the receivers – Secret Santa just got a lot easier!

What’s Next After The Christmas Period?

Well, New Year’s will be quiet. The stricter rules are likely to extend to next year since only a few weeks remain in 2020. The relaxed rules were not extended to New Year’s, meaning that the stringent rules might still be in effect after the Christmas period is over.

The new year will be ushered in quietly. Until then, there is no reason why you cannot have a bit of fun here and there without risking your safety or that of others. But stay tuned for our next blog posts, where we will bring back some hope for the near future!

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