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Top Startup 2022
We are incredibly proud to have been selected as one of the top Food and Beverage startups this year, by Best Startup London. It is a great achievement and we are exhilarated to have been positioned next to so many incredible companies in this year’s selection. View this year’s selection here. 2022 has been a
Working With Pitch Fees and Revenue Share Models
Pitch fees and revenue share models are ubiquitous in most of the hospitality industry nowadays. The only effective way to manage these agreements, is through NOQ's unified platforms with embedded automation
Food & Beverage Management at Events
Managing multiple individual traders at large scale events is no easy feat. So how can this be streamlined when there is so much at stake?
Do customers spend more with mobile ordering apps?
Mobile ordering apps have taken the hospitality industry by storm, becoming a standard for restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and live event venues. These apps help promote a safer, contactless environment between customers and staff, and all but eliminate queues. But one of the biggest benefits of mobile ordering is that it can lead to revenue
App vs QR code (web application) – Which ordering system does your business need?
Mobile ordering and payments have become popular solutions for restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, venues, and live events. The pandemic ushered in their increased use but these contactless methods are so convenient, most businesses still use them.  If you’re considering a mobile ordering solution for your business, you should know that there are two types of
10 reasons why mobile ordering IS the future
Although COVID-19 restrictions have loosened significantly in the UK, allowing people to visit their favorite bars, restaurants, and even some live events again, hygiene will still be paramount for anyone going out in public. When the hospitality industry was limited to allowing half capacity and following strict pandemic measures, mobile ordering apps became even more
Mobile Ordering at Festivals and Big Events (In the post-COVID era)
As the hospitality sector moves forward from COVID-19 – festivals and events in particular – implementing new technology solutions will be vital for survival. Digital transformation is essential to any business, and the coronavirus pandemic proved how important embracing technology has become for hotels, restaurants, venues, festivals, and events.  Mobile ordering technology has helped many
Sustainability Within The Events Industry Through Tech
NOQ had the privilege of attending the European Tour’s Scottish Open, whilst enjoying the moment with the top golfers in the world.
Reopening the Events Industry: What to Expect This Summer ?
After months of uncertainty in the events industry, are we finally able to see a light at the end of the tunnel? This is the question that so many event industry professionals and event goers are eager to find the answer to.
How Event Caterers Were Affected In 2020 and How to Move Forward
The pandemic affected every industry. Everyone quickly tried to adapt and a digital transformation began all over the world. Every industry took a hit but some of them were more affected than others. Anything that depended on on-premises patronage to continue functioning or turning a profit, was shut down to make sure that the pandemic
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