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Charlton Athletic Football Club Announces Data And E-Commerce Partnership With NOQ Group
Charlton Athletic are proud to announce a transformative partnership with NOQ Group, a leading provider of innovative data management, e-commerce and retail solutions.
Fast payments for bars: 3 ways our system will half your order processing speed
If you run a busy bar, whether on a high street, in a nightclub, or at a food market or festival, you’ll know it's a numbers game; how many drinks can you serve within a given timeframe? The point of payment is an essential component in keeping your orders flowing, which is why our technology is built to achieve consistently fast payments for bars. Read on to learn how we’ve helped fabric, OXO Bar, and Hickory Food halves their order speeds.
Event operators: 5 ways we can make your lives easier
Running events and entertainment venues is as hard work as it is rewarding. We’ve spent a lot of time in muddy fields and late-night venues, working with the likes of Event Live, AndMunch, Edinburgh Street Food, and fabric. During this time, we’ve refined our solution to ensure we meet the particular needs of events and entertainment operators. Read on to discover five ways we’ll make your life easier.
Affordable event POS: How we help keep costs down
There’s no question that affordable event POS is important these days. Lots of clients we’ve spoken to recently have cited tight margins, which are often exacerbated by the fact that they only have a finite period in which to make their money. With tight margins, every 1% makes all the difference, which is why we’ve thought carefully about how we package up our solution to ensure it's affordable for those on tight budgets. Read on to learn more about our affordable event POS solution.
Level-up your event POS experience: Keep the orders flowing and the good times rolling
If you're an event or entertainment operator, whether a food market, festival, stadium, or nightclub, you’re in the business of fun. So it’s critical your customers can enjoy every moment. This means that, in addition to everything else, you have to deliver a great POS experience. Your POS experience encompasses everything from taking your customer’s order to processing their payment and handing them their food or drink. But it doesn’t stop there.
Easily manage multiple food and drink traders in one place
If you’re running an event, festival, or street food market, you have one thing in common: you’re managing multiple food and drink traders, which can be complicated. That's why we created a solution that lets you manage all your traders, their menus, their sales, their commissions, and their terminals via a single login. Read on to discover what multi-trader management should look like and how we can help.
Finding the best event POS system
The best event POS system will meet the very specific needs of events and entertainment operators. It’s designed to squeeze value out of every order and payment. This might just equate to an extra 1%, but It might just be 1%. But 1% can make all the difference. This 1% factor, otherwise known as marginal gains is the theory that a series of small improvements can lead to great things. The principle has been applied to everything from professional sports to hotdog eating. And it’s just as relevant for hospitality.
Top Startup 2022
We are incredibly proud to have been selected as one of the top Food and Beverage startups this year, by Best Startup London. It is a great achievement and we are exhilarated to have been positioned next to so many incredible companies in this year’s selection. View this year’s selection here. 2022 has been a
Working With Pitch Fees and Revenue Share Models
Pitch fees and revenue share models are ubiquitous in most of the hospitality industry nowadays. The only effective way to manage these agreements, is through NOQ's unified platforms with embedded automation
Food & Beverage Management at Events
Managing multiple individual traders at large scale events is no easy feat. So how can this be streamlined when there is so much at stake?
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