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Management Platform

Running sites with multiple connected accounts – such as site owners, catering managers, vendors, and sponsors – who all take a cut from the sale, can be difficult and time consuming to manage. Our management platform eradicates these problems, and gives you real-time visibility and instant revenue splits.

Real-Time Visibility

1. Invite Vendors

With our management platform, you can easily create multiple vendors, and invite them to join the platform. The vendors add their menus and you have the ability to oversee them, to ensure that they are set up according to your guidelines.

2. Create Sites & Add Users

Create sites with information such as location, timings, promotions, discounts, loyalties, sitemap and accepted payment types – card, cash and online. Add external users such as site owners, sponsors or promoters to the site.

3. Add Vendors to the Site

Once you’ve created your site and inputted all the relevant information, you can add the vendors. You can allocate them to different zones within the site if you wish, to view detailed reports by zone.

4. Get Sales Transparency

Don’t rely on individual vendors letting you know how they did. Vendors use our payment solutions and you can get a real understanding of each site and each vendor’s performance through real-time sales visibility on your management app.

5. Access Trusted Reporting

View P&L reports for full visibility on all sales, fees, discounts, refunds, tips and VAT. Remove your dependency on a finance team to crunch the numbers, and get every report instantly.

Instant Revenue Splits

1. Manage Cost & Revenue Splits

When working with revenue share models, connect multiple accounts, such as vendors, site owners, sponsors, promoters, and set up cost and revenue splits the way you want, by distributing each P&L line item between each account.

2. Instant Payments

Remove the need to manually invoice individual parties for your cut. Once the splits are set on the platform, commission percentages are distributed instantly and sent to each account according to your cost and revenue allocations.

3. Visibility to All Parties

When working with external users such as site owners, sponsors or promoters, who also take a cut from each transaction, give them the tool that allows them to get the visibility they are after.

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